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Holy moly! Win a free book AND original art by Santiago Elizalde, illustrator of Do You Want To Play With My Balls?!?

As a celebration of laughter over negativity (something this world is very much in need of these days) we’re running an “Enter-To-Win” opportunity where all you have to do is post a wonderful, fun-loving, joyful review of our book, send us a message either here or on Facebook so that we can match your name with the review, and you’ll be entered in our drawing to win …

an AWESOME COPY of Do You Want To Play With My Balls?

and ORIGINAL ART from illustrator Santiago Elizalde!

This is a great opportunity to score some amazing Bum Bum Books swag, while at the same time spread some positive internet energy in a growing sea of poopy, fear-based banter. We look forward to your reviews and drawing your name!

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  1. Hysterical!!! Even funnier a woman got all bent out of shape, complaining that no child should read this book!! Idiot!

  2. Proud Kickstarter supporter! This book has a prime spot on my bookshelf. Looking forward to a sequel 🙂

  3. I couldn’t stop laughing and re-reading it over and over again, I shared it with family (adults) and friends and they about all died laughing. I just came across it again on my memories timeline on face book from a year ago and once again laughed my ass off all over again

  4. Brilliant book love this and so does my husband. The drawings are priceless. Thank you for such an entertaining book.

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