It’s A Beautiful World

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Recently I traveled a good chunk of the country in my car (a solo road trip for the soul) and was reminded of just how strange, amazing, and beautiful this world is.  All I had to do was open my eyes, and the visual rewards were endless …

  • I watched a high school kid snort three lines of Sweet N’ Low for $2.00 at a Denny’s in Michigan with his “friends.”
  • At a rest stop in Minnesota I witnessed a self-sufficient, eco-friendly Boston Terrier first do her business, and then promptly eat said business until it was no more.
  • I saw a girl wearing a Buddha shirt walk three full bocks without lifting her head up from her phone. It was in Deadwood South Dakota and there was a faint “ommmm” coming from Calamity Jane’s grave.
  • I witnessed a middle aged man at a super market in Idaho redefine take-out-food by presenting the cashier with an empty bag of chips, a banana peel, and a finished 20 ounce bottle of Pepsi he had eaten while in line.
  • I saw a 4-year-old boy at a sit down restaurant in Seattle Washington pick his nose and feed it to his little brother sitting next to him in a highchair.
  • On the road just outside of Bozeman Montana I saw a fluffy cumulus cloud in the sky that looked exactly like Betty White on a Pogo Stick.
  • I watched way too many angry people yell at each other on hotel televisions because they disagreed.
  • I observed a damn good-looking bald guy in every mirror I passed!
  • My life was changed when I realized that there is a children’s book for adults called Do You Want To Play With My Balls? on sale for 10% off the cover price at Bum Bum!

Like I said, it’s a strange, amazing, beautiful world … if you’ve seen anything lately that’s worth noting, please feel free to share.

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