Happy Vault of Midnight Holidays!

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img_5905Hello fine folk of the world!

The holidays have officially arrived which means somewhere right now there are grown adults fighting, scratching, and biting inside a Walmart in order to be first in line for a half priced Nerf Blaster for their kid.  But fear not; there are other options!  I’m here to save you from any unnecessary corporate altercations and let you know about a wonderful local establishment you should definitely check out before Christmas comes and goes, and all that’s left are chunks of poorly dyed hair on the ground in aisle three …img_5907

If you’re ever in the Ann Arbor area, The Vault Of Midnight on Main St. is an absolute must visit.  This wonderfully diverse establishment houses tons of books, comics, graphic novels, figures, games, shirts, posters and more.  I’ve spent many hours lost in their annals of awesomeness, and I’m always greeted by the kindest, wisest staff this side of the Mississippi.  It’s truly an amazing place if your looking for wonder and joy; traits that sadly seem to be lacking in so many stores these days.

In addition to their huge inventory and top-shelf staff, they also carry the worlds greatest children’s book for adults, Do You Want To Play With My Balls?!  Our book, as you know, can be purchased right here for 10% off the cover price, however if your itching to get your hands on a copy right away, stop in at The Vault of Midnight today!

There is no better way of supporting your community than shopping at local establishments like the Vault of Midnight, and there’s no better holiday gift than a copy (or five) of Do You Want To Play With My Balls?. This year you can do both, and, like the big man they call Santa, spread cheer and laughter throughout the world!

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Postscript: Vault of Midnight also has locations in Grand Rapids and Detroit, as well as a great website for all of your needs.  Happy Shopping!

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