And then there was sun …

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Hello fine folk,

After a long, cold winter of hibernation, and the ensuing hangover that occurs when you step outside and realize your pale and pasty skin would fit right in at a mortician’s work shop, we have finally splashed water on our faces and are getting ready for a fruitful spring/summer Bum Bum run!

SHIRTS!  Do You Want To Play With My Balls? shirts have been printed and will be ready for purchase sometime this month.  These fashionable T’s are grey with black print, high quality, soft, and sexy as all get out!  Check back for a link with details and pricing info … coming soon!

BOOKS!  Though we have indeed been sleeping and snoring like stinky bears (oh, the alliteration!), we’ve also been happily writing and drawing, and we’re super excited for what’s to come.  Look for new titles this summer, with pre-ordering available via Kickstarter as soon at the finishing touches are made.

AND FINALLY … if you or a loved one happens to be sitting on a large sum of money that you’re itching to unload as a charitable donation, I would be more than happy to accept, quit my job, and spread unbridled joy to the world through literature and art!  Of course, you could also buy a copy of Do You Want To Play With My Balls? as a gift and watch the same unbridled joy spread on the face of the recipient as they happily read.  Either way, we are here for YOU!

Happy Spring and Sunny Days!





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    1. This book is hilarious. I bought it to give as “white elephant” gift but today I mailed it to a friend on the other coast. So now I’m having to order another one!

  1. Hey guys,
    Awesome work on the book. I watched the online version and thought it was hilarious. I am trying to order myself a few copies. I am based in Victoria, Australia. I don’t think there’s an international shipping option?
    What are my options? Cheers
    Mitch 😊

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