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Hi folks,

I wanted to send out a brief update to let everyone know that we are indeed still kick’n, and selling books, though not without some bumps and bruises along the way.  We have received several emails wondering what’s been going on lately, and, well … it’s been a strange chunk of months to say the least.

You may have noticed that on Amazon our book is currently selling for the low, low price of $58.79 … what a deal!  The reason behind this mammoth mark up is that, due to technical difficulties, our book was mistakenly re-categorized as a “Retail Text Book” (which we are not authorized to sell).

Yes, that’s right, a Text Book called Do You Want To Play With My Balls?.  I’m not sure which educational subject this falls under, but I will say that if they had this in class when I was younger, I would have liked school way more than I did!  But fear not, for we are currently in contact with Amazon as I type, and determined to get this issue resolved ASAP 🙂

In the mean time our book is still for sale on our website, for 10% off the cover price, as well as at the following wonderful book+ stores (which you should totally check out because they are all awesome!):

Vault of Midnight – Michigan

Ballerinas and Bruisers – Indiana

Marv-N-Stewart – California

The Reading Room – New York

Aunt Hattie’s Fanciful Emporium – Iowa

Bethany Beach Books – Delaware

*** IF YOU ARE A BUSINESS that would like to carry our book, please contact me at for wholesale pricing.  They’re AMAZING sellers, especially for the holidays! ***

Also, we were informed that there were a few problems with USPS due to the recent weather conditions and unfortunate hurricane activity, however, we have been assured that this issue has been fully corrected.  Our sincerest apologies to anyone who experienced delays with their orders.

As always, I hope this post finds everyone doing well, and happy, and should you be suffering through some form of formal education, be sure to let the professor know about the new, ground breaking text book Do You Want To Play With My Balls?, guaranteed to energize classroom learning with a smile!

Take care,




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    1. OMG….just saw the book on Facebook and HAD to order 4 copies….3 as gifts and 1 for myself. It is hilarious. I was also born and raised in Ann Arbor so feel a special attraction to you guys and your book. Thanks so much for bringing a bit of humor to my politically damaged mind. Thanks 45, also known as tRUMP, Cheeto, POS…etc. Love you both.

  1. Do you have any plans of publishing more books that are as educational as DO YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH MY BALLS? If so, I would like to use them for my 3rd Grade class in New York. Please contact.

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