May you have a Happy Holidays, and celebrate with Balls!

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Hi all,

We at Bum Bum Books would like to wish you a happy holiday season, and look forward to helping you spread boatloads of laughter and cheer!

If you don’t already know, a properly gifted copy of Do You Want To Play With My Balls? can bring more joy to your holiday party, white elephant, stocking stuffing, etc., than the whole of Santa’s loot!  And, to help keep some much needed cash in your wallet, we’re taking 10% off all books purchased through our site.

However, if you’re more comfortable shopping through Amazon and/or Ebay, our book is also available at both sites as well (full price, unfortunately, as they take a hefty % to list on their page).

And finally, no matter where you buy our book, know that all orders are packaged, stamped, and sent with love from our capable hands, right here in sunny, holy-crap-it’s-cold Michigan! ** (this excludes books purchased on [Canada] and [The United Kindom] – those orders are shipped from capable Amazon warehouse hands :))

We sincerely hope you’re having a great year, that you’re spending tons of time with the ones you love, and we look forward to sending you a sleigh-full of books to make your holidays smile and laugh and smile … ho ho ho!!!

Take care,


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  1. Hi Matt,
    Would you consider making a calendar using your book’s content? I can see it being a great gift #1, and secondly, many fans of the book would love to have a wall calendar to share throughout the year.
    Peter V

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