Do You Want To Play With My Box?

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We at Bum Bum Books are super excited to bring to you our new, long awaited, second book, and sequel to Do You Want To Play With My Balls?

If you enjoyed our first book, you’ll LOVE Do You Want To Play With My Box?, the “Girls Edition” of our series, with all the laughter, joy, and Cifaldi Brother humor you’ve come to expect 🙂

Check out our Kickstater Campaign at the link below, and be the first to order your copy of Do You Want To Play With My Box?, a children’s story … for adults.

KICKSTARTER for Do you Want To Play With My Box?

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  1. I own DYWTPWMB and laugh HARD every time I read it. I was about to pledge for BOX but it appears that you are only offering it to the USA. Is there anyway I can get a copy sent to the west coast of Canada?

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      Hi Mac,
      Sorry for the belated reply, but yes, soon you’ll be able to order the book in Canada via Our Balls book is currently there, and we’re looking to add the Box book sometime in February/March. Sorry about the lack of international availability on Kickstarter, but the shipping cost was WAY too high 🙁

  2. I hope you can send to Australia someday! I have your first book on my coffee table and all my visitors read and enjoy the book!

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    To the wonderful Australians, and and anyone else unable to order a book do to geographical locations … first off, we are super sorry! We’re are always looking for ways to remedy the situation, and if we had our way, our books would be available in every nook and cranny of the world. The problem we’ve run into is shipping. Either the cost is much too high (often higher than the price of the book), or the process is impossibly complex with no option for tracking. That said, we promise to continue to search for solutions and will keep you posted when we we find ones that work. Thanks and stay safe out there!

  4. Hi, eagerly awaiting the chance to purchase this in the United Kingdom, any chance it will be made available on

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