The Thing about this year (bad pun intended)

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The chief purpose of this post is to lay out our National Strategy for the upcoming year, and though it may not have the same gravity as recent proposals from our newly elected president, the Bum Bum Books administration is excited and optimistic all the same!  I’ve also included an image of one of the greatest comics ever written, a virtual talisman of courage moving forward, but more on that later. For now, our master plan:

  1. Do You Want To Play With My Box? — Our newest book, the sequel to Do You Want To Play With My Balls?, is currently in the printing process, and we are expecting the first run to be delivered mid February.  Thank you again to everyone that supported the Kickstarter campaign, and check in for updates as to the exact date the books are set to arrive. As soon as they’re in our hands, copies of Do You Want To Play With My Box? will be ready to sell, package, and ship to your door!
  1. New Products — Part of our strategy to make the world a better, more jovial place to be is to have a minimum of three additional products released by the end of this year.  We have several projects close to completed, and an additional mess of ideas ready to burst.  AND, unlike past years where both the Cifaldi Brothers were gainfully employed with jobs outside of Bum Bum Books, the Covid Pandemic has effectively pulled the safety net out from under our once cushy bums. Needless to say, our motivation is very high. 
  1. New Submissions — After many debates, demands, concessions, and compromises amongst our administration (my brother and I), we’re excited to announce that later this year Bum Bum Books will be accepting submissions from outside authors and artists.  We’re looking forward to growing our inventory with like minded material, and offering fair, easy, and reasonable publishing options.  The details of the plan are as follows:
  • Bum Bum Books will be open for submissions as soon as the 5th product by the Cifaldi Brothers has been released. 
  • Starting next month, we will be posting excerpts from the first outside author to join Bum Bum Books, the one and only Price Delight, illustrator of Do You Want To Play With My Box?.
  • Mr. Prince Delight has graciously agreed to act as a guinea pig of sorts, allowing us to work out the details for a fair printing and publishing process, including contracts, pricing, and expectations. By year ‘s end we’ll not only be releasing his book, but Bum Bum Books will be excited, and fully prepared, to publish YOUR amazing work as well.

Ok, and now the comic book:  Marvel Two-In-One Annual, starring … THE THING!  As far as collectibles go, this issue isn’t worth squat, but in terms of overall awesomeness, it’s legendary!  By far one of my favorites growing up, I added this comic to our first post of the year because the cover alone is a visual, gritty, tough, fighting, pregame speech for anyone looking to overcome a difficulty they may be facing in their lives – and Boy Howdy, do we have that going on in droves these days.  It also features The Thing (who’s the coolest) as an underdog, against all odds, stepping up, digging deep, and kick’n ass!  I won’t give anything away except to say there’s a very Sylvester Stallone, Rocky vibe going on in the story, and I for one am very much in need of hearing that theme song in the back of my mind, on continuous loop, all hour and two plus minutes of it. 

I Hope everyone is doing well, and reaching out to those you love, and especially being kind to yourselves.  Check back here, or on our Facebook page, for updates on the arrival of Do You Want To Play With My Box?, as well as the first installment of our new author’s book.  

And keep those hands up, with a good snarl on your face, because this is gonna be a damn good year.

Take care,


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