15 Ways to Share Smiles

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Hello fine folk!

Having completed our newest title, Do You Want To Play With My Box? we now have TWO amazing opportunities for you to bring joy and laughter to nearly any occasion. Wondering what some examples may be? Well I’m glad you asked! Here are 15 ways to share our books, each guaranteed to bring a multitude of smiles 🙂

  1. Baby showers – Sometimes a mum needs more than onesies and bibs.
  2. Random act of kindness – Nothing is kinder than sharing a pun … about balls. 
  3. Coffee table read – Keep your living room lively with laughter.
  4. Party favors – Streamers and balls and hats and boxes!
  5. Smiles at the bar – Dirty jokes are even funnier when you’re drunk.
  6. Wedding gift – The perfect personal touch to your registry gift.
  7. Book club – The deeper meaning of balls and boxes … an excellent discussion topic.
  8. Christmas gift – Balls and Boxes, Santa Clause approved.
  9. TikTok – Harvests millions of happy, gut-laughing views. 
  10. Anniversary present – Nothing says love like inviting your partner to play with your balls. 
  11. Staff meetings –  Your contribution will be the only item of importance on the agenda.
  12.  Gift to your Urologist / Gynecologist – Give your doctor a box they can take home.
  13. The sacred book for officiating weddingsMomus’s words of wisdom for newlyweds. 
  14.  Graduation gift – Oh the Places You’ll go?  Do You Want To Play With My Balls?
  15. Bachelor / Bachelorette party gifts –  Goes great with the toys.

If you have any other suggestions we’d love to hear from you in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget the most important person in all of this … YOU! Laughter is essential for overall health, and sometimes you need your very own copy of Do You Want To Play With My Balls / Box? to help with the smiles.

Happy July!


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