Fall Is Upon Us

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Hello beautiful people!

Fall is officially upon us, and the pre-holiday shopping season has swirled in with the cold fronts and falling leaves. But don’t wait too long to start your shopping, or before you can say, “Boughs of #@%$ing holly!” you’ll be nose-to-nose with angry, petulant family members pointing to the empty spot under the tree. Don’t have a clue what to possibly get? Not to worry, we got ya covered 🙂

This year we have not one, but TWO amazing books for sale, as well as a Do You Want To Play With My Balls? T-shirt (currently for sale on Ebay and Amazan, and soon to be available here, at bumbumbooks.com). You can share these gifts of laughter individually, or make it a package deal. Either way, you’ll be the belle of the holiday ball!

So, start your holidays out with the perfect Bum Bum Books gift. And enjoy the sweater-weather. And piles of warm blankets. And spiced cider. And football. And, most importantly, your wonderful family and friends laughing with joy!

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