Are You In?

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I think it’s safe to say that strange days are upon us. Politics be crazy, the weather apocalyptic, and AI is inviting itself into our reality. I’m pretty sure most people are walking around with their overall disposition set to ‘fear-mode’, and I’m certainly not judging; if you squint just the right way, it all kind of makes sense.

I heard a story today about how a long time ago one of the supposed first english speaking blokes landed on Australia. They met some locals, exchanged pleasantries, when suddenly a large animal with a baby in it’s pouch came hopping out of the brush.

“What the F#$k is that?!” the english speaking bloke exclaimed.

“Kangaroo,” replied the local.

And so, after a good long stare and a shrug of the shoulders, life went on. However, it wasn’t until much later that they discovered “kangaroo” was nothing more than the native word for, “I don’t know”.

Like I said, strange days, and the more I scrunch my face up like a nearsighted shrew the clearer everything becomes.

BumBumBooks recent contribution to this great discussion is in the form of a game. A card game if you will, that is specifically aimed toward (but not exclusively limited to) couples!

It’s called Are You In? – “The disturbingly hilarious game clinically proven to determine whether or not you and your partner are truly meant to be.” The first prototype is currently at the printers, and later this month we’ll be launching a KickStarter campaign where you can preorder a copy for your very own.

Stay tuned for more info, and in the meantime consider readjusting your inner dials to peaceful and loving. It’s a way better setting than fear, and I’m thinking it may be our best shot at making nice with the AI folk before they inevitably start discussing whether or not to forcefully take over. Annihilate the human race. Rename “kangaroo” to “what we said, b$%ch.”

Happy spring!


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