About Us


Years ago, in a perfumed market stall in the distant land of Canton, Michigan, a gypsy fortune teller told Matt that he would one day be the driving force behind a massively successful project named after the human buttocks. His friends and family, recognizing Matt as a Man of Destiny, gave him wide berth, allowing him the space to vent his creativity on the world. Over several decades of teaching high school, writing and singing original songs for crazed audiences all along a small street in southeastern Michigan, and cold-calling underwear models from the Sears catalogue, it’s now clear that all of Matt’s creative endeavors involve human buttocks. He lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where people continue to give him lots of space.


Dashingly bald, driven by the vigilance of a gangster accountant, and set to change the world one book at a time, Lou is a bottom-line kind of guy–if you get my meaning. He resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan, just down the street from his brother Matthew–a dangerously short distance. Having endured years of employment at various pain-in-the-ass jobs, Lou set forth on a quest to create an industry giant that would reap him great heaping wads of cash, and empower his own aching bottom-line–if you get my meaning. Bum Bum Books is that creation. As writer, designer, and financial organizer, Lou, like a jaded old streetwalker, will do anything it takes to make Bum Bum Books a dominant force in the world of publishing. Seriously. He’ll do anything.