Do You Want To Play With My Box?

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We at Bum Bum Books are super excited to bring to you our new, long awaited, second book, and sequel to Do You Want To Play With My Balls? … If you enjoyed our first book, you’ll LOVE Do You Want To Play With My Box?, the “Girls Edition” of our series, with all the laughter, joy, and Cifaldi Brother humor you’ve come to expect 🙂 Check out our Kickstater Campaign at the link below, and be the first to order your copy of Do You Want To Play With My Box?, a children’s story … for adults. KICKSTARTER for Do you Want To Play With My Box?

Balls, Snow, & Time

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Hi all, For those of you that live in the midwest, or north, or anywhere that makes the local weatherman look stupid on a daily basis, Surely you can relate to the necessity of a winter hibernation. We’ve been on one for a while, and it’s about time to start stretching the limbs and thinking about climbing out of the cave … what’s on the spring-time docket you ask? Our next book is in the final stages of creation! We’re super excited and looking to start pre-sales some time this year. Stay tuned for updates! Our social media is up, running, and spreading smiles 🙂 Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We’re all registered to vote, and sincerely …

Happy Vault of Midnight Holidays!

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Hello fine folk of the world! The holidays have officially arrived which means somewhere right now there are grown adults fighting, scratching, and biting inside a Walmart in order to be first in line for a half priced Nerf Blaster for their kid.  But fear not; there are other options!  I’m here to save you from any unnecessary corporate altercations and let you know about a wonderful local establishment you should definitely check out before Christmas comes and goes, and all that’s left are chunks of poorly dyed hair on the ground in aisle three … If you’re ever in the Ann Arbor area, The Vault Of Midnight on Main St. is an absolute must visit.  This wonderfully diverse establishment …

It’s A Beautiful World

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Recently I traveled a good chunk of the country in my car (a solo road trip for the soul) and was reminded of just how strange, amazing, and beautiful this world is.  All I had to do was open my eyes, and the visual rewards were endless … I watched a high school kid snort three lines of Sweet N’ Low for $2.00 at a Denny’s in Michigan with his “friends.” At a rest stop in Minnesota I witnessed a self-sufficient, eco-friendly Boston Terrier first do her business, and then promptly eat said business until it was no more. I saw a girl wearing a Buddha shirt walk three full bocks without lifting her head up from her phone. It …