Are You In?

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I think it’s safe to say that strange days are upon us. Politics be crazy, the weather apocalyptic, and AI is inviting itself into our reality. I’m pretty sure most people are walking around with their overall disposition set to ‘fear-mode’, and I’m certainly not judging; if you squint just the right way, it all kind of makes sense. I heard a story today about how a long time ago one of the supposed first english speaking blokes landed on Australia. They met some locals, exchanged pleasantries, when suddenly a large animal with a baby in it’s pouch came hopping out of the brush. “What the F#$k is that?!” the english speaking bloke exclaimed. “Kangaroo,” replied the local. And so, …

Balls vs Eggs

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Spring is upon us, which means Hard-Boiled-Egg-Scavenger-Hunt Day is here as well, and we at BumBumBooks would like to suggest introducing some balls into this year’s Easter festivities. But what about the eggs you ask? No worries! You can continue hiding your decorated chicken fair, AND, at the same time, throw in the hilarity of balls! All you need is a copy of Do You Want To Play With My Balls?, as well as the much anticipated sequel Do You Want To Play With My Box?, and your backyard will be filled with so much joy, even the bunnies will be laughing 🙂 Happy spring! Matt

Balls, Boxes, & Beers, Oh My!

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The Green day of drunkenness is nearly upon us, where American’s scour their genealogy for the smallest percentage of Irish decent, don their Notre Dame shirts and plastic clover hats, and carefully craft an excuse for taking off work in preparation of an epic hangover. What more does one possibly need? Laugher. Straight up, pun-filled, hilarity that will make you king of the pub. And, with our books in hand, you can peacefully reign over a belly-laughing, drunken kingdom of cosplay leprechauns cheering your name! So, get your copies of the most festive books know to man/womankind, be safe, and have a wonderful St. Paddy’s day! Matt

A Calendar With Balls! 2023

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2023 is nearly upon us, and what better way to bring in the new year than with our new Calendar With Balls!? This 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ wall calendar is perfect for cubicles, desks, lockers, and of course, Christmas stockings! Jam-packed with balls-appropriate quotes, The Cifaldi Brothers’ favorite dates, and rare never-before-seen art from Do You Want To Play With My Balls?, this bumbumbooks creation is the perfect holiday gift for friends, family, and … yourself! A Calendar With Balls! 2023 is available now on Amazon. Just click on the red Amazon and order yours today! Ho Ho Ho and happy holidays! Matt

The Most Amazing NFT(s) Ever?!

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Hello fine folk, Well, I guess there’s only one way to say it … it’s NFT time baby!  Like Huxley, Fievel, and all the musicians in U.S.A. for Africa, we’re not only entering a brave, whole new world, but we ARE the world (and the children)! We are beyond excited to be a part of the NFT community, and to ambitiously spread our Balls all over this new and exciting platform.  Should you know anyone interested in investing large amounts of money on our timeless art, we’re confident they’ll not only be very pleased with the returns, but that they’ll also happily bask in the charitable glow of helping two brothers fulfill their small business dreams, freeing them both from …

Ho Ho Ho!

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From all of us at Bum Bum Books, May you have a happy, healthy, holiday season. And remember that while it’s wonderful to give to your friends and family, don’t forget to be kind to yourself as well. Happy Holidays! Matt

Fall Is Upon Us

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Hello beautiful people! Fall is officially upon us, and the pre-holiday shopping season has swirled in with the cold fronts and falling leaves. But don’t wait too long to start your shopping, or before you can say, “Boughs of #@%$ing holly!” you’ll be nose-to-nose with angry, petulant family members pointing to the empty spot under the tree. Don’t have a clue what to possibly get? Not to worry, we got ya covered 🙂 This year we have not one, but TWO amazing books for sale, as well as a Do You Want To Play With My Balls? T-shirt (currently for sale on Ebay and Amazan, and soon to be available here, at You can share these gifts of laughter …

15 Ways to Share Smiles

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Hello fine folk! Having completed our newest title, Do You Want To Play With My Box? we now have TWO amazing opportunities for you to bring joy and laughter to nearly any occasion. Wondering what some examples may be? Well I’m glad you asked! Here are 15 ways to share our books, each guaranteed to bring a multitude of smiles 🙂 Baby showers – Sometimes a mum needs more than onesies and bibs. Random act of kindness – Nothing is kinder than sharing a pun … about balls.  Coffee table read – Keep your living room lively with laughter. Party favors – Streamers and balls and hats and boxes! Smiles at the bar – Dirty jokes are even funnier when …

A Glitch in the Matrix

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Hi all, Well, we were so excited.   27 cases of Do You Want To Play With My Box?, beautifully stacked on a wooden pallet, finally arrived in our driveway, and my brother and I were as giddy as two teens in 1989 on our way to see the latest John Hughes movie at the Penn Theater – old school projector and all.   However, when we ripped open the first case to adore our newest creation, it was nowhere near Say Anything.  In fact, it wasn’t a John Hughes movie at all.  It was … Gigli!!!  And sure, while Jennifer Lopez could probably pull off a passable Diane Court, Ben Affleck was, is, and never will be Lloyd Dobler.  No Way. …

The Great Balls and Boxes Giveaway! (a friendly competition)

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On this fine day, just hours before the 55th Super Bowl kicks off, Bum Bum Books would like to honor the spirit of healthy competition with a little game of our own:  The Great Balls and Boxes Giveaway! (a friendly competition) The rules are simple: While admiring the image of the debonair woman reading a copy of Do You Want To Play With My Balls?, answer the following question: “Oh dear! Just what IS she thinking?” And that’s it, that’s the ball game! Share your response in the comment section of this post, and the entry that elicits the most ‘splendid’ reaction will win free copies of both Do You Want To Play With My Balls? AND Do You Want …