Do You Want To Play With My Box?


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Remember the innocent days of childhood? When coloring books were mindless fun, not “mindfulness meditation”? When playing with a plastic laundry bag could keep you busy for hours? Life was simpler then, and playtime never ended. Well, the Cifaldi Brothers haven’t forgotten those joyful times, and want to make sure you won’t forget them either. Do You Want To Play With My Box? is a book for every generation. Young children will adore the simple, charming story and the brightly colored pictures of kids with huge heads. Grownups will be tickled to tears by the book’s shameless wordplay, and inspired by its timely message of personal empowerment. And old folks will love the large, easy-to-read typeface, because it is large and easy to read! Following in the naughty tradition of the Cifaldi Brothers’ viral sensation, Do You Want to Play With My Balls?, the long awaited sequel Do You Want To Play With My Box? is a spellbinding reading experience, certain to stir up a little controversy, a smidgen of shocked amazement, and a whole mess of gut-blowing laughter­. No matter who you are, you should read this book, and buy a copy for everyone you know, because Do You Want To Play With My Box? is sure to touch you deeply, in places you probably don’t expect to be touched.